The Best Place to Sell My Volkswagen Classic

Recently I decided it was time to sell my classic Volkswagen bus. Although it has served me well and runs like a champ, it's a little too hippie for me now that I've graduated college and gotten myself a good job in Los Angeles. Frankly, my boss saw me driving it the other day and flashed me the peace sign.  I was so embarrassed that I decided right then and there it was time to sell my Volkswagen bus.


Needless to say, this bus holds many fond memories of concert and camping trips. Sometimes serving as a spare room, the Volkswagen bus has been an asset to my life since I bought it. Of course there is no getting around the hippie connotations associated with the Volkswagen brand. I certainly don't want my boss to think I'm a risk or that I will come into work with hangovers. I had my fun in college, but now I'm serious about my job, and I intend to take over my boss's job when he retires. 


A Great Volkswagen

My goal was to sell my Volkswagen with as little fuss as possible. Unfortunately, with a car that old, everyone wants to take it for a test-drive straight to their mechanic.  Not that I blame them - the car is over 30 years old. If a potential buyer didn't want a professional to look at the engine, I'd wonder about their sanity. I have a great Volkswagen mechanic, and thanks to him, the bus purrs like a kitten. I kept the engine in great shape, and the interior has been fully refurbished to its original condition. It's a camper bus, so it took some searching to find original parts for it. 


I had to find the right avenue to sell my Volkswagen because I definitely wanted to sell it to someone who would appreciate my restoration efforts enough to give me what it is worth. I've never excelled in the art of sales, so I enlisted my best friend, who is a salesman, to help with the process.


The Easy Solution

My best friend told me to bother myself no further and to simply fill out an online form, then wait for a call from to sell my Volkswagon.  I was shocked at his suggestion, but I took his advice and went to the next day.


They called a short time after I sent the form and made an appointment with me for that day. By that afternoon I had cash in my hand for my Volkswagen classic.  Not only did they make me a fair offer, but they appraised the bus in about half an hour, on my schedule.  

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